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The Darkness
Joe Corrie

Performed at the Edinburgh District round of the SCDA One Act Festival,
Church Hill Theatre, Thursday 6th February 1969

Maureen Forrest, Hector Ross, Jean Macnab, Ian Downie, Wilma Downie,
Douglas Currie, Christine Sellar & Paul Ellis

Director: Anne Macmillan    Stage Manager: Ralph Hunter


Watch it, Sailor
Philip King and Falkland Cary

Performed at the Church Hill Theatre, 20th to 22nd February 1969

Anne Macmillan, Paul Ellis, Ruth Humble, Ian Downie, Hector Ross,
Rosemary Currie, Margaret Allan, Wilma Downie & Ralph Hunter

Producer: Douglas Currie    Stage Manager: Douglas Downie

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Newspaper review for "Watch it, Sailor" Watch It, Sailor

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