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Danger Inside
Falkland Cary and Ivan Butler

Performed in the Church Hill Theatre, 20th and 21st February 1970

Hope Wicksteed, Christine Sellar, Hector Ross, Paul Ellis, Anne Ross, Christine Henry,
Douglas Currie, Rosemary Currie & Jean Macnab

Producer: Margaret Allan    Stage Manager: Douglas Downie

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Flyer for "Danger Inside"

Witch Errant
R. A. Dick

Performed in the Church Hill Theatre, 6th and 7th November 1970

Margaret Allan, Christine Henry, Graham Bee, Jean Macnab, Anne Ross, Ralph Hunter,
Hope Wicksteed, Joanne Officer, James Witcomb, Christine Sellar & Richard Dall

Producer: Margaret Allan  Stage Manager: Hector Ross

Handbill for "Witch Errant"

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