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Platform Party
Alan Richardson

First Performed at the Edinburgh District round of the SCDA One Act Festival,
Church Hill Theatre, Thursday 2nd February 1984


Erica Donald, Phyllis Duff, Angela Binnie, Douglas Currie,
Alistair Ferguson, Bart Dignan & Judith Currie

Director: Alan Richardson    Stage Manager: Bart Dignan

Mixed Doubles
An entertainment on Marriage
by various authors

Performed at the Bedlam Theatre, 11th and 12th May 1984

Directed by members of the cast

A Man's Best Friend by James Saunders
Christopher Dallman & Janis Binnie

Night by Harold Pinter
Douglas Currie & Mary Anderson

Permanence by Fay Weldon
Linda Wyman & Martyn Whyte

Norma by Alun Owen
Alan Richardson & Catherine Webster

Score by Lyndon Brook
Christine Campbell & David Thomson

The Silver Wedding by John Bowen
Angela Binnie & Alistair Ferguson

Countdown by Alan Ayckbourn
Erica Donald & Bart Dignan

Resting Place by David Campton
David Forson & Jean Macnab

I Remember Mama
John van Druten

Performed in the Church Hill Theatre, 8th to 10th November 1984

Catherine Webster, Erica Donald, Martyn Whyte, Judith Currie, Phyllis Duff,
David Forson,Christopher Dallman, Rosemary Currie, Jean Macnab,
Anne Fernie, Jim Witcomb, Ann Sheach, Cal Donald,
Douglas Currie, Ann McKelvie, Graeme Currie & Richard Binnie


Director: Douglas Currie    Stage Managers: Barrie Wohlgemuth & Morag Warwick

Mrs Madge Drummond - Chairwoman of the Festival Organising Committee Miss Cartwright - representing the festival sponsors Councillor Wilson - representing the local Council Gilbert Hamnell - the adjudicator Platform Party I Remember Mama I Remember Mama I Remember Mama I Remember Mama
Flyer for "I Remember Mama"

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