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Cast off Five
Audrey McBain

Performed at the Edinburgh District round of the SCDA One Act Festival,
Church Hill Theatre, Friday 10th February 1989


Adelaide Webster, Angela Binnie, Rosemary Currie, Greta Magrath & Cath Webster


Director: Douglas Currie    Stage Manager: Pat Brown

Come Fly With Us
(Cabaret Entertainment)

Performed at Trinity Accies R.F.C., Craighall Gardens, 26th and 27th May 1989

Angela Binnie, Pat Brown, Douglas Currie, Christine Dall, Bart Dignan, Erica Donald,
Greta Magrath, Alan Richardson, Ann Sheach, Morag Warwick,
 Cath Webster & Jim Witcomb

Coordinator: Pat Brown    Staging: Barrie Wohlgemuth
Music: Cal and Erica Donald    Choreography: Cath Webster

Bedroom Farce
Alan Ayckbourn

Performed at the Church Hill Theatre, 16th-18th November 1989

Erica Donald, Douglas Currie, Alistair Ferguson, Adelaide Webster,
Christy Thornton, Janis Binnie, Alan Richardson & Cath Webster

Director: Margaret Tomlinson    Stage Manager: Morag Warwick

Come "Flyer" With Us Bedroom Farce Bedroom Farce Bedroom Farce Bedroom Farce Bedroom Farce

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