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Towie Castle
Gordon Bottomley

Performed at the Edinburgh District round of the SCDA One Act Festival,
Church Hill Theatre, Friday 8th February 1974

Hope Wicksteed, Jose Mobbs, Maureen McMillan, Joan Birse, James Witcomb,

Erica Donald, Angela Binnie, Hector McMillan, Margaret Allan,
Margaret Kirk, Fiona Lockhart & Jean Macnab

Director: Douglas Currie    Stage Manager: Katrina Garrick

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Waiting in the Wings
Noel Coward

Performed in the Church Hill Theatre, 7th to 9th November 1974


Erica Donald, Fiona Lockhart, Margaret Allan, Angela Binnie, Phyllis Duff,
Maureen McMillan,Dorothy Lea, Hector MacMillan, Jean Macnab,
P. Martin Lugton, Helen Shearer, Laura Klimczak, Julia Rae, José Mobbs,
Joan Birse, Richard Dall, Jim Witcomb & Daphne Todd

Director: Jean Murray    Stage Managers: Christine Dall & Katrina Garrick

Flyer for "Waiting in the Wings" Waiting in the Wings Waiting in the Wings Waiting in the Wings Waiting in the Wings

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