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Animal Farm
adapted by Nelson Bond
from the novel by George Orwell

Performed at the Netherbow Theatre, High Street, 23rd and 24th march 1990

Jean Macnab, Alan Richardson, Lorinda Chamberlain, Bart Dignan, Judith Currie,
Adelaide Webster, Angela Binnie, Janice Dawson, Ann Sheach, Janice Whittaker,
Cath Webster, Ian Grant, Paul MacAskill, Kirstin Paton,
Pat Brown, Margaret Grant & Morag Warwick

Director: Douglas Currie    Stage Manager: Barrie Wohlgemuth

Animal Farm

The Anastasia File
Royce Ryton

Performed at the Church Hill Theatre, 8th-10th November, 1990

Alistair Ferguson, Pat Brown, Douglas Currie,
Christopher Dallman, Adelaide Webster & Cath Webster

Director: Alan Richardson    Stage Manager: Barrie Wohlgemuth

The Anastasia File The Anastasia File The Anastasia File The Anastasia File Flyer for "Animal Farm" Ticket for "The Anastasia File"

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